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I’ve got a fuzzbox

NOTE: As mentioned, I will be adding a margin that will cover some of my administration/PM time… can you please keep me in the loop re approved hours from Craig and please and bill Soapbox directly your agreed hours? If more hours are required, I just need approval from Craig.
(Soapbox will bill client as a part of the larger project)


Summary of what he wants to achieve


From client:

Leveraging HubSpot CRM fields. We have a range of fields specific to clients that match up with information on our website. For example, we have the company names of interest by client. We would want these fields to be used by MailChimp to manage the way blogs are then aggregated to send out based on that field. For example, we have posted a blog on Coles and 20 clients have Coles as a company of interest in HubSpot. Those 20 clients will receive the blog on Coles, the other 50 will not. 

Automated send out (must have in order to justify shifting to MailChimp), automated pre-templated email is population with the intro of a recently published report, that then is set up for a weekly (or scheduled timeline) to “send” (or waiting in “drafts” to manual send) – i.e. minimal manual intervention and max automation. 

This all seems possible in HubSpot but only on their professional package at circa $18k a year! 


Extra Info (client provided)


Craig has provided the following links from his own research, should it help…

HubSpot RSS example – what I am trying,Click%20Create%20email.&text=Select%20External%20blog%20and%20insert%20the%20RSS%20feed%20URL.,-Click%20the%20Drag

Mailchimp sync with HubSpot

My notes

Firstly – Hubspot’s RSS to email doesn’t look like it will automatically filter blog posts based on contact data fields.

Without necessarily going into integrations, it should be possible to filter blog posts from a WordPress feed based on either Category or Tag.

This is achieved by simply modifying the feed URL to include a specific tag/category.

Based on that, emails can be sent from Mailchimp to people who are interested in a particular category – the most straightforward method being an automated RSS campaign. This will automatically send every x days. The email will include a number of posts – if no new posts are available at that point, the email will not send.

The campaign is segmented to people interested in the particular topic based on either Tags or Groups.

The question then, is can we transfer contacts from Hubspot with their interests (tags).

It would appear that the standard Hubspot integration doesn’t deal with tags – it’s main intention is to Synchronise new contacts from HS to MC.

Zapier can potentially be used to transfer contacts with Tags, but without having access to Hubspot and time to test the process, I can’t say for certain if it’s going to work.

Stage 1

Get access to client’s MC account

Enable Classic Automations

Transfer contacts from HS to MC

Make sure people are tagged according to their Blog topic preferences.

Set up templates for each blog category.

Set up RSS campaigns for each blog category.

Stage 2

Setup HS:MC Integration – new contact in HS – add subscriber in MC (and transfer blog prefs in HS to tags in MC).

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